Holistic Health
Mentoring Program

Holistic health mentoring for nutritionists, naturopaths and final-year students to support and guide your professional development.

Why Health Mentoring Matters

We provide mentor programmes to support final-year students, new graduates and established naturopaths and nutritionists in growing their clinical knowledge and providing the highest quality care for clients.

The natural health industry is evolving rapidly, and using the knowledge and expertise of other practitioners is a key way to grow both your professional knowledge and confidence while improving client outcomes.

Invest in Your Success
with Our Mentoring Programs


Case Mentoring

Do you have a tricky case you would like support working through? Bring your client case and our experienced practitioners will workshop it with you.

Each case session involves:

  • Thorough case review
  • Assessment of presenting symptoms
  • Differential diagnoses
  • Future lines of questioning
  • Information needed and potential decisions based on different information/ scenarios
  • Recommended testing
  • Potential treatment options including lifestyle, diet, supplementation and herbal medicine where appropriate.
  • Follow-up check-in to ensure you and the client feel comfortable with the treatment plan.


Student Practicum Preparation

Going into your clinical practicum can be overwhelming. We can support you in your preparation to help you start feeling confident and ready!
Each session will involve setting you up with a system that is easily accessible and user-friendly to help you have all of your resources, information and treatment goals in one place.

These sessions are largely driven by you, so come prepared with questions & concerns so we can best help you to accommodate your unique learning and consulting style and address your specific concerns.


Pathology Interpretation

Starting in clinical practice can be a minefield of pathology and test results. Learning how to accurately interpret these is a key factor in your client outcomes.
In these sessions, you can bring pathology with you or we can provide a variety of common test results to go through with you and analyse.

We will teach you how to look at the whole health picture of a client and take into account all aspects. You will learn what questions to ask if there are abnormal results, and what follow-up testing you need to refer for.

The testing we can help interpret includes:

  • General pathology
  • DUTCH test results
  • GI Map (or similar functional stool test results)
  • Vaginal microbiome
  • SIBO breath test

Please note we are not able to cover all of these in one session. We can guide you on time frames depending on what testing you want to go through.


Prescribing Supplements

Therapeutic supplementation can have a huge impact on client outcomes and can often make or break the success of a treatment protocol. But how do you know you’re prescribing correctly?

We can help you navigate the minefield of supplementation to make sure you’re getting the best outcome for your clients.

In these sessions, we will cover:

  • Common nutrients and the different forms
  • Optimal dosage ranges and how you assess specific doses required
  • Dosing and safety in children
  • Common drug interactions and resources to support you in assessing safety
  • How to prescribe to get optimal absorption
  • Co-prescribing for better outcomes – what to include and what to avoid
  • Compounding – how to make your own formulations safely and effectively (theory only – this is not a practical session)
  • Herbal formulating (naturopaths/ herbalists only)


6-month mentorship program

Feel like you need ongoing support? This is ideal for new practitioners finding their feet in the consulting space.

Included in the program:

  • Fortnightly hour-long sessions with one of our practitioners. This may be the same person each fortnight (if you have an area of specialty) or change regularly so you get well-rounded support and many perspectives on care.
    These sessions cover client cases, prescribing & compounding, pathology/ testing interpretation and time to answer all your questions.

  • Resources to help you support your clients and improve your clinical practice
  • Opportunity to workshop ‘real life’ cases from our clinic

1:1 Guidance
from Perth’s Leading Holistic Health Practitioners

Holly Moore


Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc)

As an experienced Perth clinical nutritionist, Holly provides mentoring in her areas of specialisation, including hormonal health, gut health, fertility, children’s health and more.

Sarah Davies


Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc)

As a knowledgeable and passionate Perth clinical nutritionist, Sarah’s mentoring focuses on testing and treatments for eczema, gut health, autoimmune conditions, and metabolic health, plus much more.

Why Choose PHC?

Whole-Team Expertise

We work as a team and often collaborate: when you book with one, you get the expertise of all practitioners. With your consent, we will consult with other relevant practitioners and often refer you for additional services as appropriate with other health professionals we trust. By working this way, we ensure a holistic approach to addressing health concerns, promoting better coordination of care and improved health outcomes.

Realistic, person-centred care

We meet you where you’re at. We understand that life is busy and we all have different limitations and expectations.

We take the time to understand your unique situation so we can best provide realistic and achievable plans that work for you.

Evidence-based treatment

We integrate the latest scientific research, clinical expertise, and patient values and preferences to inform clinical decision-making.

By adhering to evidence-based practices, we ensure that our interventions are rooted in rigorous scientific evidence, optimising patient outcomes and safety.

Non-Diet Approach

We use a ‘health at every size’ and a non-diet approach to health, focusing on promoting well-being through intuitive eating, joyful movement, and body acceptance/neutrality.

We prioritise compassionate care that respects individual autonomy and diverse body sizes, fostering a supportive environment where our patients can pursue health goals without weight stigma.

Mentoring FAQs

At this stage, we are only offering mentoring to final-year students or those already practising. If you are a first-year student and have questions about mentoring, please feel free to get in touch.

We absolutely can offer group mentorship, this would need to be discussed with our team to arrange so get in touch!

Most of our sessions are 1 hour and address a specific need, apart from our 6-month mentorship program.

No, our sessions are live and generally one-on-one.

Yes absolutely! We want you to succeed and are happy to supply you with the resources we find the most helpful.

Ready to get started?

If mentoring is something you want to get on board with, get in touch.

The first step is a discussion to assess who is the right practitioner to help you. From there we will book your first session and jump right in.