Holistic Health Clinic
in Mount Lawley

Your local destination for compassionate, inclusive, and holistic health services.

The team at Perth Health Collective (PHC) work collaboratively, so when you book in with one practitioner, you get the expertise of the whole team.

Working Together
To Achieve Your Health Goals

We are a holistic health clinic based in Mount Lawley, providing inclusive, evidence-based care focusing on building the foundations of health.

We believe in a holistic approach to health, addressing the root causes of health concerns rather than simply treating symptoms.

Our experienced Mount Lawley naturopaths and clinical nutritionists work alongside you to create personalised treatment plans focused on nourishing the body, mind, and spirit.

We take pride in offering a warm and welcoming environment where you can feel supported and empowered on your path to better health.

Local Holistic Health
Practitioners Mount Lawley

Holly Moore


Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc)

Holly is a clinical nutritionist who believes in empowering and educating her clients to take control of their own health.

She focuses on hormonal health, gut health, fertility, preconception and postpartum care and children’s health. She has completed postgraduate training in gut health and the microbiome, IBS/ SIBO support, and children’s health and fertility.

Sarah Davies


Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc)

Sarah is a clinical nutritionist who has always had a passion for food & nutrition. She understands the importance of nutritional foundations and how sometimes the smallest changes have the biggest impact.

Sarah focuses on eczema, gut health, autoimmune conditions and metabolic health. She has the knowledge and experience to help support her clients on their health journey.

Our Approach
To Your Holistic Health Care

Perth Health Collective works with you to get to the root cause of your health concerns and address them with a realistic, evidence-based approach.



In-depth consultation to understand you and your needs. Ordering of testing if appropriate, and development of a comprehensive treatment plan.



We will guide you on timing and preparation for you to complete any necessary testing and discuss expected timeframes



Check in on symptom changes and discuss any test results.



Discussion of long-term treatment goals and estimated timing of check-ins to keep you on track.

Why Choose PHC?

Whole-Team Expertise

We work as a team and often collaborate: when you book with one, you get the expertise of all practitioners. With your consent, we will consult with other relevant practitioners and often refer you for additional services as appropriate with other health professionals we trust. By working this way, we ensure a holistic approach to addressing health concerns, promoting better coordination of care and improved health outcomes.

Realistic, person-centred care

We meet you where you’re at. We understand that life is busy and we all have different limitations and expectations.

We take the time to understand your unique situation so we can best provide realistic and achievable plans that work for you.

Evidence-based treatment

We integrate the latest scientific research, clinical expertise, and patient values and preferences to inform clinical decision-making.

By adhering to evidence-based practices, we ensure that our interventions are rooted in rigorous scientific evidence, optimising patient outcomes and safety.

Non-Diet Approach

We use a ‘health at every size’ and a non-diet approach to health, focusing on promoting well-being through intuitive eating, joyful movement, and body acceptance/neutrality.

We prioritise compassionate care that respects individual autonomy and diverse body sizes, fostering a supportive environment where our patients can pursue health goals without weight stigma.

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