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Our team of Perth-based clinical nutritionists can help you achieve your health goals through personalised, evidence-based natural health care.

We use up-to-date scientific testing alongside clinical expertise to uncover the root cause of your symptoms, allowing us to personalise treatment to best suit your individual needs. If you’re looking for support on your health journey, we can help! Get in touch to book a consultation with one of our experienced clinical nutritionists.

Meet Our Certified
Perth Clinical Nutritionists

Holly Moore


Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc)

Holly is a clinical nutritionist who believes in empowering and educating her clients to take control of their own health.

She has a focus on hormonal health, gut health, fertility, preconception and postpartum care and children’s health. She has completed postgraduate training in gut health & the microbiome, IBS/SIBO support, children’s health & fertility.

Sarah Davies


Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc)

Sarah is a clinical nutritionist who has always had a passion for food & nutrition. She understands the importance of nutritional foundations and how sometimes the smallest changes have the biggest impact.

Sarah focuses on eczema, gut health, autoimmune conditions and metabolic health. She has the knowledge and experience to help support her clients on their health journey.

How Holistic Clinical Nutrition
Can Help You

Clinical Nutrition
Initial consultation

We offer a 60 minute or extended 90 minute initial consultation (for more complex cases) which covers your symptoms, health history and more, before developing an individualised treatment plan and referring for further testing (if appropriate).

Clinical Nutrition follow-up consultation

A short (30 min) or extended (45 min) consultation to review results, follow up on your progress, provide support, assess what is/ isn’t working and tweak your treatment plan.

Clinical Nutrition Acute Consult

An acute presentation consultation (20 min) for immediate support with the cold/flu, short-term illness, or flare-ups in symptoms.

Pathology Interpretation Consult

A short (20 min) consultation to help you understand and action pathology test results.

Mentoring for Clinical Nutritionists and final-year students

We offer 1:1 mentoring for clinical nutritionists and final-year students looking for more support in their clinical practice, or looking to expand their skills and knowledge.

Addressing Your Unique Health Needs with Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutritionists can support you to manage complex health conditions, improve your quality of life and prevent the onset of disease. We work by addressing the root cause of your symptoms and building the foundations of health to support you with long-term symptom resolution.

Gut Health

Experienced clinical nutritionists can uncover the root cause of your gut symptoms and provide individualised support through functional microbiome testing, dietary & lifestyle suggestions, targeted supplementation and more to help get your gut health back on track.

Hormonal Health

Clinical nutritionists can provide support for period concerns (painful, irregular or heavy periods), premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, menopause/perimenopause, thrush and bacterial vaginosis. We can also provide support throughout pregnancy and postpartum.

PHC combined experience allows us to target anyone experiencing these symptoms including women, transgender and non-binary folk.

Skin Issues

Clinical nutritionists can support your skin health from the inside out by addressing key drivers in skin conditions and personalising our approach to your specific concerns. We can help with eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, hives or skin reactions, itchy skin and more.


Clinical nutrition can significantly impact fertility by addressing underlying factors such as hormone imbalances, inflammation, microbiome imbalances and nutrient deficiencies. Personalised supplementation, and dietary & lifestyle interventions can optimise reproductive health and improve egg quality and sperm health. Our clinical nutritionists can work alongside specialists for support during IVF and throughout pregnancy.

Children’s Health

Our Clinical Nutritionists can help with many common childhood concerns, including optimal growth & development, fussy eating, allergies & intolerances, skin concerns, introduction of solid foods, mood & behavioural issues, immune health and sleep disturbances. We have a variety of strategies to help you support your child without the stress of difficult protocols or unrealistic/ restrictive diets.

Mental Health

Clinical nutritionists can support your mental health by investigating & rectifying nutrient deficiencies, sleep disturbances, hormonal imbalances and metabolic health concerns (such as blood sugar imbalances). We can provide support in times of stress and can help with resolving symptoms of burnout.

Metabolic Health

Address the root drivers of metabolic health conditions with clinical nutritional medicine. We provide preventative care and support for those experiencing metabolic health conditions such as blood sugar imbalances, insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes, PCOS, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver and metabolic syndrome.


Many autoimmune conditions can be challenging to navigate. Clinical nutritionists can help support and educate to assist with managing symptoms in conditions such as autoimmune thyroid conditions (Hashimoto’s or Grave’s disease), coeliac disease, Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and many more.

Immune Health

Feel like you’re constantly getting sick? We can provide support for improving your immune resilience as well as tailored immune support for chronic conditions including mast cell activation disorder (MCAS) or eosinophilic eosophagitis (EoE), allergies, sensitivities and autoimmune conditions.

General Nutritional Support

We provide personalised, realistic nutrition support which is focused on adding to your diet to increase nutritional intake as opposed to restrictive or fad diets.

Why Choose PHC?

Whole-Team Expertise

We work as a team and often collaborate: when you book with one, you get the expertise of all practitioners. With your consent, we will consult with other relevant practitioners and often refer you for additional services as appropriate with other health professionals we trust. By working this way, we ensure a holistic approach to addressing health concerns, promoting better coordination of care and improved health outcomes.

Realistic, person-centred care

We meet you where you’re at. We understand that life is busy and we all have different limitations and expectations.

We take the time to understand your unique situation so we can best provide realistic and achievable plans that work for you.

Evidence-based treatment

We integrate the latest scientific research, clinical expertise, and patient values and preferences to inform clinical decision-making.

By adhering to evidence-based practices, we ensure that our interventions are rooted in rigorous scientific evidence, optimising patient outcomes and safety.

Non-Diet Approach

We use a ‘health at every size’ and a non-diet approach to health, focusing on promoting well-being through intuitive eating, joyful movement, and body acceptance/neutrality.

We prioritise compassionate care that respects individual autonomy and diverse body sizes, fostering a supportive environment where our patients can pursue health goals without weight stigma.

Clinical Nutrition FAQs

It’s helpful if you can bring along any supplements, medications or test results which you haven’t listed in your initial intake form.

Unfortunately no, there are small steps at the front and rear entrance. We hope to be in an accessible building in the future, for the time being we do offer telehealth or phone consults.

Every case is unique so we can’t provide an exact timeline. If we don’t see a change in symptoms over time we will use our extensive practitioner network to find you a practitioner who we believe can help!

Yes! All our practitioners welcome everyone and practise gender-affirming care.

We meet you where you’re at – we prefer to add more diversity and variety to your diet to support your health goals and avoid unnecessarily restrictive diets. We want our treatment to work for YOU!

Clinical Nutritionists complete a 3 year bachelor of health science degree which includes nutrition, therapeutic prescribing, counselling, pharmacology (to ensure an understanding of drug-nutrient interactions), pathophysiology (i.e. how diseases develop and progress), and over 300 hours of clinical practice.

Absolutely! We provide care which is complementary, meaning it works well alongside other forms of health care.

Yes! Our Mt Lawley Naturopath and Nutritionists offer online telehealth and phone consults. Simply select telehealth consult when booking your initial consultation online.

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